Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Parents: Please review the Parent Family Engagement Policy for PCMS. Feel free to make suggestions for additions or deletions to this document at any time. Parent input is encouraged and appreciated. Suggestions can be submitted through the Parental Input Form located on our website.
Pamlico County Middle School
Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy
Pamlico County Middle School is a Title I School. Our school receives funds from the federal government to help students in both remediation and acceleration of learning. Title I money provides funding for teacher salaries and additional funds to purchase materials, supplies, and training opportunities for staff and parents. Pamlico County Middle School believes that the education of students involves the collaboration of the home, school, community, and other support agencies. The comprehensive involvement of parents contributes positively to the school community and to the success of our children. A program of parent involvement activities shall be ongoing and be reviewed annually by parents to ensure their involvement in the planning and implementation of the program
at Pamlico County Middle School.
Annual Public Meetings
Tuesday communication folders, classroom websites, and Blackboard Connect messages are all used to communicate with our parents and families. We also keep our school webpage and school Facebook page up to date with the most current information. Our Title I program holds a fall and spring meeting integrated with other school programs. At the annual fall meeting, an overview of our Title I program will be provided as well as information regarding parent involvement, school performance profiles, assessments and the overall curriculum at our school. The spring meeting will be held to solicit input from parents to plan, evaluate, and improve the
program for next year.
Regular Meetings
Parents and students are encouraged to participate in an orientation session to prepare them for their transition to a new grade level. Teachers and administrators schedule parent/student conferences whenever deemed necessary by the school or when requested by the parents. These conferences are held before, during, or after school hours to accommodate our families.
Flexible Meetings
Regular and scheduled parent meetings or conferences are held throughout the school year, at various times of the day, to provide continued information, support and resources for parents. Parents are encouraged and welcomed to volunteer and attend all school activities. Some meetings will be accessible online to provide more opportunities for participation.
Parent Advisory Council
The PCMS Parent Teacher Organization Executive Board and interested parents/guardians serve as the parent advisory council for Title I. It reviews the Parent Involvement activities annually to ensure parents are involved in the planning and implementation of the program at Pamlico County Middle School. A designated teacher will serve as the contact with this council.
Involving Parents
PCMS has a parent representative who attends our bi-weekly School Improvement Team meetings. Our school improvement team is comprised of a variety of staff across grade levels and content areas. This team discusses important information pertaining to school programming. Families are asked to informally share concerns as well as celebrations. Also, parents are invited to share concerns and other feedback during PTO board meetings.
Parent Comments
Parents are given surveys to complete during the school year. An open door policy prevails at PCMS. Parents are always welcome to share suggestions/comments. A parent input/suggestion form may be found on our website.

Student-Parent-Educator Compacts
A Student-Parent-Educator Compact defines goals, expectations and shared responsibilities. Each party of the agreement will receive a signed and dated copy. Compacts are sent home at the beginning of the year to be returned signed by both the student and parent or family. The student’s teacher and principal will also sign. Students who enroll at PCMS after the school year has begun will receive a compact upon enrollment. The Compact may be reviewed during Parent-Teacher Conferences, if necessary. The Compact is used as part of the collaboration effort between parent and school for the success of the student.
Parent Assistance
State and local expectations as well as information about our website are shared with our families during our Open House in September/October. Data from 6-8 End of Grade (EOG) assessments are shared with parents at the Annual Fall and Spring Title I Meetings. All grades are sent home in interim progress reports, quarterly report cards and special letters, which indicate the child’s progress.
Opportunities for LEP and SWD Parents
All parents are encouraged to attend school functions. Translators will be arranged for parents who speak languages other than English. Whenever possible, meetings are scheduled at the parents’ convenience. Transportation can be arranged, if necessary.
Parents of Students with Limited English Proficiency or Disabilities
Parents of students with limited English proficiency or disabilities are afforded opportunities to participate fully and freely in all education activities at school. Once the need is identified, assistance shall be provided. Whenever possible, information is sent home in the native language. Bilingual staff members, parents, ESL instructors, and even students are assigned as needed as a contact between the home and school. Additionally, PCMS is handicapped-accessible.

Education of School Personnel
Administration conducts quarterly reviews to ensure timely reporting of assessment data to the staff. This provides staff with the tools to identify at-risk students and, in turn, share this information with parents. On-going staff development initiatives are continuously provided to the staff which focuses on effective communication with parents, establishing a school/family partnership, ways to involve parents, and suggestions for parents to work with their child at home.

Timely Information
A Parent Information Meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the first PACT meeting to inform parents about the various programs and curriculum used at PCMS. Parents are informed about their child’s academic goals and progress according to state and local standards. A follow-up is conducted with all parents, at the PACT/Title I Annual Fall Meeting, as well as at other meetings.
Our school website is regularly updated to communicate information with our families. A Tuesday communication folder will be sent home by every homeroom teacher, weekly. Progress reports will also be sent home. Additionally, we use a mass calling system, Blackboard Connect, to alert parents and families of upcoming events and provide important information and updates.
Coordinating and Integrating with Other Programs
Coordination with other programs is evident, starting with the PTO Executive Board who serves as the Parent Advisory Council for Title I. PCMS will continue to collaborate with Pamlico County Department of Social Services, Pamlico County Health Department and the Backpack Blessings Ministry
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