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Pamlico County Middle School





On Thursday, October 1st, sixth grade teacher, Marsha Norman was surprised with a visit to her classroom from the PCMS administrative team along with Central Office personnel announcing that Marsha was being awarded the 2020 North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching Beginning Teacher Award. We are so proud that Marsha received this honor. Here is some more information about the award:


North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching About the NCCAT Beginning Teacher of the Year Award

The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT) is pleased to announce the NCCAT Beginning Teacher of the Year Award.  The NCCAT BTOY process was developed to honor beginning teachers and retain potentially excellent teachers in North Carolina public schools.


Overview of NCCAT BTOY:

  1. Honor beginning teachers 2. Retain potentially excellent teachers in both the profession and NC public schools 3. Encourage all NC school districts to celebrate 1st year teachers as a method of retention 4. Build relationships with districts and schools in North Carolina


PCMS principal, Dr. Jeremy Johnson, has this to say about Marsha:

It is our pleasure to nominate Ms. Marsha Norman for NCCAT’s Beginning Teacher of the Year Award.  Ms. Norman joined our staff last year, teaching 6th grade ELA and Social Studies.  She had a terrific first year teaching and is certainly worthy of consideration for this award.  Teaching is a difficult job in general.  The first year of teaching is particularly challenging since everything is new and unfamiliar.  Add into the mix the uncertainties that came along with the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent and abrupt halt to traditional instruction and the year may go down as one of the most challenging in history, regardless of experience.  I say all that to say that Ms. Norman truly did a fantastic job in her first year.  She taught two classes of language arts and a class of social studies.  One of her classes involved teaching with a co-teacher to meet the specialized learning needs of some of her students.  In each case, she performed very well.  She fully embraced the use of technology and digital tools which made the transition to remote instruction easier and more effective. The most important thing that she did was to build relationships and rapport with students and parents alike.  I heard from several parents who praised Ms. Norman for going above and beyond to help children.  We are so pleased to have Ms. Norman back with us again this year and look forward to working with her in the years to come at Pamlico County Middle School.

Comments about Marsha from Joshua Gaskill, District Beginning Teacher Coordinator :

Ms. Marsha Norman is truly deserving of this award and represents what is outstanding in public education today. Ms. Norman goes above and beyond for her students. I look forward to seeing what she will continue to accomplish in her teaching journey. It was a privilege to be able to recognize one of our very own in this way. Congratulations, Ms. Norman!


**Marsha will now move forward through a regional selection process.  We wish her much success!