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Pamlico County Middle School

Special Announcement for First Day of In-Person Instruction

Tomorrow, September 8 will be our first day for in-person instruction for Group A. Group B will meet this week on Thursday September 10. It is important to remember that Wednesdays are remote learning days for all students. Friday, September 11 will also be a remote learning day.
Each day students may be dropped off no earlier than 7:30 AM. They must have their temperature taken by a staff member before being dropped off. Cloth face coverings are also required of all students. Dismissal will be every day at 2:30 PM. There will be signs on McCotter Road designating pick up spots for 7th Grade and for 6th & 8th Grades. This information may also be found on our website.
In order to keep our students safe and to expedite drop offs in the morning and bus pick ups, all students should present an attestation form signed by parents on the first day of school. This form will ensure staff that your child has not been exposed to COVID-19, nor are they experiencing any symptoms. The form is your certification to us that you understand the health regulations and will keep your child home if any of the attendance criteria that is outlined on the form cannot be met. This form may be found on any of Pamlico County Schools websites or it may be picked up at the front office of each school. Each student must present a signed form on the first day of in-person instruction. The first day of school is the only day we will need to get this completed form from you for this semester. Thank you for helping us to be able to bring your child back to school safely by completing this form.
If you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to seeing our A group tomorrow and our B group on Thursday. It is going to be a great week! See you soon!