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Pamlico County Middle School

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony Details

Dear 8th Grade Students.

Here are a few announcements regarding your 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony.  As you are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything about our school year, especially how we conduct ceremonies and events that would typically be considered a large, mass gathering of people.  Rather than totally cancel one of the highlights of our year and one of the educational milestones for which you have been working, we are going to revise our ceremony plans so that it is within the limits of the Governor’s executive order.  It will look a bit different, but our goal is the same and that is to recognize each of you.  Here are a few details as to how this will work.   

  • On Tuesday, June 9th, we will hold a drive-thru promotion ceremony at Pamlico County Middle School.  

  • Families will be driving through our Semi-circle-drive between the building and the baseball field.  In the interest of time and space, we are limiting the number of vehicles in the procession to one per student.

  • Each 8th-grade student will be able to come through our drive-thru line, receive your promotion certificate, and be recognized by all of our faculty and staff who are looking forward to seeing you.  

  • You will not be able to get out of your vehicle during this time because we will need the traffic to keep moving with only brief stops to pick up certificates and for us to take a few pictures. We are preparing a video that will feature pictures during the drive-thru ceremony along with a few surprises that I am sure you will all enjoy. The video will be posted to our website and social media a few days after the event.

  • We have been asked if it is ok for you to decorate your vehicles for the procession with signs or posters. This is absolutely fine if that is something that you want to do.

  • We have divided your class alphabetically into four groups of 20 students, each set to arrive in 15 minutes increments (6:30, 6:45, 7:00, 7:15).  This will give us time to recognize each student.  Please do your best to arrive within your assigned 15-minute window.

    • Harlie Akins - Steven Davis ….6:30

    • Weslee Dingess - Samuel Kelly ….6:45

    • Antoine King - Caroline Rose ….7:00

    • Tristen Sanders - Jada Wright ….7:15

  • You will enter into the small parking lot by the front office and will proceed through the "ceremony line", exiting by the baseball field. There will be signs clearly marking the entrance and exit.

  • Please don't forget to bring loaner computers& chargers that you have borrowed or any library books that you may have in your possession.  We will gladly accept these at the event.
This year certainly did not turn out like any of us wanted, but we are determined to send you off to PCHS with our love and support. If you have any questions, please call the office at 745-4061